Lithium Pro Warranty - Older than 1 year

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By purchasing a "Less than 1 year" warranty rod from Denali Rods, you are still obligated to return the original rod in its original broken condition (do not cut down) to Denali Rods.  You have to have proof of purchase to validate the purchase date of your rod (See Serial # chart below if you do not have proof of purchase).  The replacement rod will not be sent until the damaged rod is received by Denali Rods, and please send a copy of this invoice when you return the warranty rod.

We recommend using to return the rod to Denali via the United States Post Office.  You will have to create an account but there are considerable savings by utilizing this site.

Details if using

* When you create an account  it takes up to 4 hours to get your account provisioned.
* Select mail class priority
* Enter the weight ( if using one of our 3" rod tubes its generally between 4 - 5 pounds )
* Enter the dimensions ( If using one of our 3" tubes L X W X H = 96" x 3" x 3" )

Please return rod to
Attn Warranty
Denali Rods
2492 Hwy 62 East
Mountain Home, AR 72653

If your rod is within 30 days of purchase and was broken due to a manufacturer's defect, please contact, you may be eligible to have the $30 fee waived. 

If you cannot provide a proof of purchase, we will utilize the production date of your rod which is listed on the serial number of your rod. The serial number is located either in the split grip section or just forward of the reel seat.

                                                                                              Serial Number Identification Chart

 I  2009
 J  2010
 K  2011
 L  2012
 M  2013
 N  2014
 O  2015
 P  2016
 Q  2017
 R  2018
 S  2019
 T  2020

First Image Example
R-2018    G-July
So warranty starts July 1, 2018


Second Image Example
P-2016     C-March
So warranty starts March 1, 2016