Mississippi River Rods

Denali Rods teamed up with some of the best sticks on the upper Mississippi River with one goal in mind ... develop the perfect set of rods to get it done on the mighty Mississippi.  With extensive testing, numerous modifications, and hours of work the mission is finally complete, and the end result will speak for itself.  So for those of you looking to challenge the waters of the Missisippi River, we've just made your life a whole lot easier ...

Presenting, the MISSISSIPPI RIVER ROD Collection

AC683M - Jerkbait Rod - 6' 8" Med Hvy Casting

Jerkbaits can be some of the most difficult lures to cast, especially in the wind.  Tip is also important to make sure the jerkbait has the proper action when twitched.  Too much tip and you have to jerk too much, too stiff and the bait doesn’t work properly.  The parabolic action of this rod also insures you will land a smallmouth or largemouth when hooked on trebles.

AC702F - Shallow Crankin' Rod - 7' Med Casting

Small crankbaits and squarebills rule on the Mississippi River when the fish are on a crank bite.  This is the perfect rod for cranking rip rap or wood.  Many of the small crankbaits are hard to throw on baitcast tackle, but this rod has the perfect parabolic action to easily cast light baits with accuracy for pin point casts.  When you do get that bite, the parabolic action absorbs surges at the boat to make sure that keeper ends up in the boat.

AC723F - Swim Jig Rod - 7' 2" Med Hvy Casting

Unlike, many parts of the country that require a heavy swim jig with a big hook, a lighter swim jigs with a grub or swimbait trailer are best for fishing open water, sand bars or eel grass in the MS River.  This new swim jig rod was designed to allow accurate and long casts of light swim jigs while having the back bone to set the hook and quickly handle big smallies or largemouth. 

AC744F - Open Water Frog Rod - 7' 4" Hvy Casting

The Open Water Frog Rod is a great choice when the fish are on weedlines or flooded cover.  Plenty of tip to allow you to work the frog in open water situations with the best side to side walking action.  Also, great for buzz toads with plenty of back bone to land fish that get into the grass.

AC765F - Flippin Rod - 7' 6" Xtra Hvy Casting

Flipping can be a way to win from April to October on the MS River.  This rod has the backbone to bring 4lbers out of heavy grass, pads or the nastiest laydown in heavy current.  It is great for jigs or lures up to 1/2oz, but excels with lighter weights also that are often the way to win on the River.

AC7105F - Slop Rod - 7' 10" Xtra Hvy Casting

Frog fish in the MS River often bury up in the heaviest cover making a powerful rod key to getting them out.  Coontail covered by lilly pads and duck wart, combined with long casts make it a real challenge to land a good fish on the frog.  This rod has the power you need to wrench fish out.  Also, doubles as a punchin’ rod for big weights.

AS702M - Multipurpose Spinning Rod - 7' Medium

Spinning rods are often secondary choices on the MS River, but certain times of the year require finesse presentations like Neko wacky rigs, drop shots, tubes or Ned rigs.  This spinning rod can do it all with the right action to cast light lures and battle fish in the current.