Tennessee River Series

Presenting, the TENNESSEE RIVER ROD Collection

AC723F – Jack Hammer, Swim Jig, Topwater - 7’2”  Med-Hvy: Chatterbaits, Jack Hammers and swim jigs are winning techniques around the grass of lakes across the Tennessee River and this rod is the perfect compliment to those techniques.  Whether you are using braid or fluorocarbon this rod has the perfect “load” to allow effective casting and superior hooking.  It also is great with walking topwater baits like Spooks, Shower Blows and Sexy Dawgs.  It is great for casting small Whopper Ploppers and Pop-R style baits as well.   

AC744F - Frogs, Swimbait, Football Jig - 7’4”  Hvy: This rod is the perfect choice for frog fishing.  It handles braid up to 65lb with ease and features the right amount of back bone to quickly snatch fish out of the grass with a tip soft enough to effectively cast and work a frog around grass, buck brush or open water.  If you need to throw big swimbaits like line thrus, Bull Shads or on a big jighead this rod has the power to handle any of those.  Football jigs are a year round player on Tennessee River reservoirs and this rod matches up with any size football jig from 1/2oz to 1 oz.

AC744MTM – Multipurpose - 7’4”  Hvy: The perfect all around rod for Tennessee River reservoirs from Scroungers, rattle baits, Keitechs or jigs this rod does it all.  Being a successful angler in this part of the country requires versatility and this rod will keep you flexible to tackle a number of techniques.  

AC7104GC - Deep Cranking - 7’10” Hvy: Crank. Crank. Crank. 6XD, 8XD, 10XD.  To win consistently on these reservoirs you have to be able to crank ledges, drops, rocks, shell beds, stumps and grass. This glass rod can handle any big crank allowing you to make long casts with its length and forgiving glass construction to keep them hooked.

AS703M - Multipurpose Spinning - 7’ Med-Hvy: Dropshot, shaky heads and Ned rigs are needed for those times when the bite gets tough.  This spinning rod can handle any of your finesse needs.

AC765F - Swimbait, Hvy Jigs, Flippin, Spoons - 7’6”  Xtra-Hvy: A-rigs, Glide Baits, Magnum spoons are all on the docket with the most powerful rod in this Series.  As the season progresses and the grass grows thick this rod also can handle any mat flipping with the big tungsten.  Big line and big baits, whatever you need to tie on this rod will handle it.